FormatWorks 2007

FormatWorks 2007

FormatWorks provides a solution for data translation from CATIA to Solidworks
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FormatWorks is a SolidWorks Certified Gold Product represents the highest level of integration with SolidWorks, quality and interoperability. Certified Gold Product Add-ins are fully integrated "single window" applications adding value to SolidWorks customer. FormatWorks has extended support of native CAD formats (CATIA V5, V4, UG, Pro/E, etc.) and special repair tools to simplify the workflows for importing single parts or large complex assemblies into SolidWorks.

FormatWorks Standard is a modular SolidWorks' add-in for import and export wide variety of CAD data formats to SolidWorks. Support of all native CAD data formats (like CATIA V5 and V4, Pro/E, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Inventor and others), as well as neutral (STEP, IGES), and kernel formats (Parasolid, ACIS) are available as options and can be configured separately. The automatic repair includes identification and repair of over 70 typical geometry and topology errors on reading stage. The automatic repairs are controlled and always performed within the original model tolerance, which prevents any model deformation.

Error classification and specialized manual repair tools provide easy to use work flow to solve most complex CAD repair tasks difficult or impossible to conduct in SolidWorks. You have access to extensive diagnostic capabilities that identify and classify errors which prevent SolidWorks from forming valid solids in SolidWorks. Each problem entity is separated and transferred including the neighbours to a separate SolidWorks document. You operate only on a small model part, which greatly simplifies the most complex repairs. The model is automatically updated with the modified parts.

FormatWorks Standard provides an ideal solution for single user requiring data translation from CATIA and other formats to SolidWorks.

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